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Sunlife NGO

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Although the government of Ghana has long term plans to extend electricity to the entire country, this will take several years to be realized. School children in many rural areas find it very difficult to study when it is dark. As a result, their performance in school is adversely affected.

To address this problem, CDDF, has established partnership with SunLife NGO to promote solar cookers that use sunlight to cook regular family meals. The project encourages women to use the savings they make from not buying fuel wood to acquire other green energy equipment. The Solar Energy Project has significantly improve the health and livelihood of most rural families in the Ada East and West Districts. School children now study at night using our solar lamps resulting in good performances in their academic pursuits.

As part of our partnership, CDDF and SunLife provide resources (financial, human and material) to train students and women on solar oven construction. The solar ovens constructed are being used to cook family meals thereby reducing the cost of buying kerosene, charcoal and firewood. The women and their families use the savings they make from not buying fuel wood to acquire other solar equipment such as solar lanterns, radios and fans.

I was always somebody who felt quite sorry for myself, what I had not got compared to my friends, how much of a struggle my life seemed to be compared to others.

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